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ecu remapping

Eastern Automotive offers optimised tuning solutions for all modern diesel powered vehicles.

By customised re-mapping of the vehicles original ECU (engine control unit), we are able to achieve improvements in both power and torque in addition to improving fuel economy and general driveability without making any other modifications to the
vehicle. No need for any plug in modules or after market tuning boxes, just calculated re-mapping of the factory computer.

Improved Throttle Response
No More Flat Spots!

One of the advantages the EAPC process has over plug in boxes is the ability to precisely calibrate torque
management. Whilst gains in torque and power are an obvious benefit, allowing more of the engines power to be transfered to the drive-train can result in an improved driving experience.

Because the calibration allows better use of the available power, there’s no need to push the engine to extremes to deliver improved performance. The end result is consistent reliable power customised to your specific requirements.

  • No more Flat Spots
  • Increased Power & Torque
  • Better throttle feel

Fuel Savings
More Power, More Torque

EAPC Diesel tuning is a comprehensive ECU remapping process suited to late model Diesel powered vehicles.
By addressing fuel, injection, and torque control we can re-program your vehicles ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to produce more power and more torque. Gains of 15-25% are fairly common with most vehicles, with many producing well above this figure.

Each vehicle can be tuned specifically for your requirements whether it be more power for towing, better fuel economy, or a host of combinations tailored to your needs.

This is possible because we develop the “Tuning Profiles” in house and are constantly expanding our research and development program to suit the changes in vehicle technology.

A EAPC calibration leads to raised levels of
efficiency, which in turn leads to reduced fuel
consumption. The increase in torque facilitates a driving performance that requires fewer RPM’s
and less accelerator pressure to achieve a given acceleration, therefore significantly lowering levels of fuel consumption.

During real world driving tests, savings of fuel
consumption of between 5% and 15% are possible, which means that your investment in a EAPC tune will effectively pay for itself in a short period of time.
• Raised Levels of Efficiency
• Lower Fuel Consumption
• More Km’s per tank

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