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In the last 12 years our company
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Eastern Automotive Performance Centre is the product of co-director Paul Manuell’s passion for motor racing and being able to share
that passion with his customers.

Paul started his first automotive business in 1996, a mobile tuning service. His passion for motor racing and pleasure of driving performance driven vehicles inspired him to give his customers the ability to also enjoy these pleasures. The business evolved gradually to include multiple vans on the road to an innovative performance and service workshop, which he opened in 1999. Paul’s main goal was to follow his passion of producing
performance vehicles. The business succeeded purely through his passion and honesty for the industry.

As the demand drew a clear picture to Paul, the goal was then to provide not only the performance options but to also offer servicing and repairs at a quality standard. Paul’s foundation belief is being open and honest and offering a grass roots level relationship with the customers while providing a
professional standard of service. This has gone a long way and propelled the
business to where it is now.

In 2009 Mike Childs came on board as a director.
His contribution has been key to this successful business over the past 7 years. Mike and Paul were initially strangers but have become the best business partners and friends and they both have the drive to succeed and provide an awesome product to their customers.
This is truly an asset to the business. Mike and Paul have key areas they focus on, and having different perspectives on things has proven priceless, a great partnership that neither can speak highly enough of.


In the last 7 years the company has been specialising in fleet management. ORIX NZ LTD, APS Ltd, Kiwi Roofing, Metro Glasstech, Rylock are just a few companies, who’s Fleets we service. We have a computer system that keeps impeccable records offering recall systems that customer highly appreciates. It allow us to keep up-to-date records on individual vehicles. We are able to contact the driver of the vehicle directly or communicate directly with the company for all servicing and WOF dates.

Today Easterns’ strengths include being a sole NZ agent for DiFilippo Exhausts, Hotchkis Sport Suspension, PWR Performance Products and we are Walkinshaw’s only NZ approved tuning shop.

We provide top quality products, expert advice and an honest service which is reflmedective of our customers, work load and data base. Eastern Automotive has a team of passionate staff which is hard to find and we offer a no nonsense approach to everything we do. Racing success has certainly been a massive motivation point for customers wanting to be a part of this business.

Our minimal staff turnover shows the collaborative work culture that we have and encourage here at Eastern. Eastern has a team who have years of experience in Holden, Ford and European performance enhancements and know late model and old school performance cars inside-out.

They have years of racing pedigree behind them to ensure the performance package our customers choose is perfect for them. These very same people that fit our performance packages or service and repair our customer’s vehicles also work alongside Paul Manuell and his Orix V8 NZ Supertourer.

our team


Paul Manuell

Director // NZV8ute Driver

Mike Childs


Tristan Roper

Senior Technician // Race Crew

Stephen Reid

Senior Technician // Calibration Engineer

Philip Pillai


Jordan Mead

Technician // Race Crew

Jayden Gundesen

Apprentice Technician

Tracy Childs

Accounts Manager

Office Manager

Todd Cossey

Apprentice Technician

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